In the Spring of 1863 Felipe and Vivian Espinosa are torn between their world of the Penitente faithful and a clash with settlers In Southern Colorado. Through a path of bloodshed the brothers will face their inner demons and fight to survive as they discover that one of their own may be on their trail.
Coloràdo follows the Espinosa brothers as their world collides with white settlers in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. Survival through a whirlwind of bloodshed falls upon them as they leave the safety of their home to bring a wrath of killing and resistance.
The memory of this time is gone from the beautiful mountains of Colorado today, but in the spring of 1863 residents in the territory were living with fear while two brothers were fighting to stay alive.
Through the eyes of the brothers and the tracker hot on their trail we get an intimate yet dreadful look at men caught up in a life a blaze. It is a violent memory to the past, a time forgotten in Colorado.

“I am looking after animals and my enemies. They have hands and cannot touch me; they have feet and cannot catch me; they have eyes and cannot see me; they have ears and cannot hear me.”
-Felipe Niero Espinosa


Junior Robinson